6 years. When I started Your Corporate Concierge I just wanted to be happy, help small business owners, and pay the bills. I never imagined this idea would turn into what it is today.
In 6 years we’ve helped over 100 clients make their first impressions and grow their business.
In 6 years I’ve become a Chapter Launch Director for BNI-NE Ohio, helping small business owners grow personally and professionally. I never thought I’d be attending BNI USA & Canada National Conference with my team and bestie.
In 6 years I never dreamt I’d be growing a team of amazing Brand Ambassadors to make first impressions. Jill McMahon, Corrine Dunn, and Lisa Novak- I love you and I’m so happy you’re on my team 🖤
To our VIPs, thank you. Thank you for counting on our team to make you look good. To those that like, share, and support- I appreciate you!
Today we celebrate 6 amazing years. Looking forward to the 10 year mark and wondering what we will be then.
Sharon 👑